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Spotlight: ResponsibleDrinking.org

In 2015, IARD launched ResponsibleDrinking.org, a new website providing information on a variety of topics related to drinking. IARD and the signatories to The Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers’ Commitments to Reduce Harmful Drinking believe everyone should make safe, legal, and responsible decisions when choosing whether to consume alcohol and that people are able to

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How Much Is Too Much?

For as long as alcohol beverages have been part of culture and custom around the world, people have been aware that drinking too much or too often is not good for you. While growing scientific evidence has broadened our understanding of the relationship between drinking and health, the picture seems to have become increasingly complicated.

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Alcohol Industry’s Actions to Reduce Drink Driving Globally

The alcohol industry has a long history of working with partners to reduce alcohol-related road traffic crash fatalities and injuries. Over the past decades, evidence of effectiveness on drink-drive interventions has evolved and benefitted from better research and data. Industry efforts have evolved in tandem and are increasingly focused on interventions with measurable outcomes. IARD

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