National Responsible Drinking Awareness Week in China

The 2016 National Responsible Drinking Awareness Week is under way in China, with the opening ceremony launching the initiative on October 21 using the theme of “Caring for but no alcohol for minors.” The China Beverage Alcohol Association (CADA) is sponsoring the weeklong event with the help of China SAO and Kweichow Moutai Co Ltd. The opening ceremony was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Commerce, China Youth Development Foundation, China Committee for the Wellbeing of Youth, and several major beverage alcohol producers. CADA President Yancai Wang said in the keynote speech that the aim of this initiative is to raise awareness about underage drinking, and China SAO Chairman Renguo Yuan stressed the importance of alcohol producers being socially accountable.

A film titled “No Alcohol for Minors” was released at the ceremony, calling on all stakeholders in society to help prevent underage drinking, and AB InBev collaborated with CADA to release a Smart Drinking Index Report on alcohol-related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors among the Chinese population. National CDC professors spoke about the harmful effects and risk factors of underage drinking, and provided advice for parents on how to speak with their families about alcohol. Between October 21 and 28, alcohol producers, distributors, and local associations will engage in a variety of activities in more than 400 cities throughout the country to raise awareness about the harm associated with underage drinking, with tens of thousands of retailers making the commitment not to sell alcohol to underage youth.



Click here to see the film created for National Responsible Drinking Awareness Week.

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