Program Development: Evaluation

The following evaluation program resources help incorporate program evaluation in program development, design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. Stronger focus and incorporation of evaluation allows programs to demonstrate success in reaching program goals and objectives.

A Guide to Evaluating Prevention Programs

The Evaluation Guide provides an overview of what is involved in evaluating a prevention program, laying out the necessary steps, and identifying available options.

event 01/27/16
school-based education

Alcohol Education Guide

The Alcohol Education Guide was developed in order to facilitate a structured and comprehensive approach to alcohol education. It walks users through the progress of program development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

event 06/04/17

Practical Guidelines for Assessing the Effects of Drink Driving Interventions

This toolkit was commissioned by IARD and written by the SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research in the Netherlands. The toolkit provides general guidelines, dos and don’ts, and advice and considerations for performing evaluation studies. The guidelines target road safety professionals in low- and middle-income countries who do not have a scientific or statistical background. The main aim is to give the audience a taste of evaluation research, allowing them, for example, to make decisions about the set-up of a study, and to understand the scope and limitations of study results.

event 10/24/16