Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Limits

This table details the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) limits for the general population of drivers in various jurisdictions. It is specified where different limits apply to sub-populations of drivers.

It is updated on an ongoing basis as jurisdictions enact or revise their requirements with assistance from staff of the Law Library of Congress (Washington, DC).

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Country/TerritoryBAC mg/mlBrAC mg/lNotesAuthority
Albania0.50[none]Law 8378 Road Code Art 184 as amended through 2011
Algeria0.20[none]Law 01-14 on the Organization, Security and Policing of Road Traffic Art 18
Andorra0.50[none]BAC 0.20 for commercial drivers and drivers of passenger vehiclesTraffic Code of 10 June 1999 Art 124
Angola0.600.23Highway Code 94/260 Art 80
Antigua and Barbuda[none][none]Driving “under the influence of drink or drug to such an extent as to be incapable of having proper control of the vehicle” is an offense, but no means of establishing that extent is defined.Vehicles and Road Traffic Act Art 47
Argentina0.50*BAC 0.00 for drivers of vehicles transporting minors or cargo

*Ciudad de Neuquen: BAC 0.01
Law 24.449 of 1994 Art 48 as amended by Law 24.788 of 1997 National Law on the Prevention of Alcoholism Art 17
Ciudad de Neuqeun: Ordinance No. 13.452 on Zero Drugs and Alcohol 2016
Armenia0.400.20Code of administrative offenses and amendments, traffic regulations Art 126(9)
Australia0.50[none]Capital Territory: 0.0 mg/mL for learner drivers

New South Wales: 0.2 mg/mL for novice drivers

Northern Territory: 0.0 mg/mL for novice drivers and drivers under 18 years old

Queensland: 0.0 mg/mL for drivers on learner permit

Tasmania: 0.0 mg/mL for learner drivers

Victoria: 0.0 mg/mL for learner drivers

Western Australia: 0.2 mg/mL for novice drivers
Capital Territory: Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) Act 1977 Sections 4B and 4C

New South Wales: Road Transport Act 2013, Section 108 and Part 5.1

Northern Territory: Traffic Act Sections 19, 23-24

Queensland: Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 Sections 1F - 2B

South Australia: Road Traffic Act 1961, Division 5

Tasmania: Road Safety (Alcohol and Drugs) Act 1970, Section 17

Victoria: Road Safety Act 1986, Section 49 and definitions

Western Australia: Road Traffic Act (1974), Sections 63-65
Austria0.500.25BAC 0.10 / BrAC 0.05 for drivers holding provisional licenses, moped drivers under 20 years old, and professional driversFederal Law 120 on Driving Licenses and Road Traffic Regulations Sec 3 Art 14 as amended through 2015 
Azerbaijan[none][none]It is a punishable violation to operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol but a BAC or BrAC are not defined.Law on Road Traffic 2014 Art 37.8, 79.4
Bahamas0.800.35Road Traffic Act 2002 Sec 49E
Bahrain[none][none]Drink-driving is prohibited, but no BAC/BrAC is definedLaw 23/2014 Art 51
Bangladesh[none][none]Motor Vehicles Ordinance Sec 144, 160
Barbados[none][none]Driving while under the influence of drink or a drug to such an extent as to be incapable of having proper control of the vehicle is an offense, but no specific means of establishing that extent is defined.Road Traffic Act Art 85, Road Traffic Regulations Art 129
Belarus0.300.15Resolution 497 of 14 April 2011 Regulations on Intoxication Testing Sec 3
Belgium0.500.22BAC 0.20 / BrAC 0.09 for professional driversRoad Traffic Law of 27 March 1968 as amended through 2014, Art 34
Belize0.80[none]Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act Cap 230 Art 74-81
Bermuda0.80[none]Road Traffic Amendment Act 2012
Bhutan0.80BAC 0.0 for professional drivers and for novice drivers (those who have had their license for less than three years or hold a learner license)Road Safety and Transport Act 1999 Sec 34
Bolivia0.50[the equivalent to BAC]BAC 0.01 for drivers of public transport vehiclesSupreme Decree 1347 of 10 September 2012 Articles 3,14; Supreme Decree 659 of 6 October 2010 Art 16
Bosnia and Herzegovina0.30[none]BAC 0.00 for drivers of commercial vehicles transporting passengers or cargoBasic Law on Road Traffic Safety of 22 December 2005, Article 174 as amended through 2013
Botswana0.500.22BAC 0.25 and BrAC 0.11 for professional driversRoad Traffic Act 1975 as amended through 2001, Road Traffic Limit of Alcohol Regulations 2013 Sec 130
Brazil0.000.05Administrative infraction: BAC 0.0-0.6 / BrAC 0.05-0.33

Criminal infraction: BAC above 0.6 / BrAC above 0.34 
Law 9.503 of 23 September 1997 as amended through 2012 Art 165 and National Council of Transit (CONTRAN) Resolution 432 of 23 January 2013 Art 6-7 
Brunei0.800.35Road Traffic Act 1991 Sec 26A-C as amended through 2013
Bulgaria0.50[none]Road Traffic Act of 01 September 1999 as amended through 2015, Arts 102, 171-177
Burkina Faso[none][none]Decree 2009-055 of 17 February 2009 on the Adoption of the National Road Safety Policy
Burundi0.80[none]Road Traffic Code N.1/26 (2012), Articles 190-192
Law N.1/04 Regarding Domestic Road Transportation (2009)
Cabo Verde0.500.20Law No.51/IX/2019 amending Law No.8/V/96
Cambodia0.500.25Law on Road Traffic 2009 Art 8 as amended through 2014
Cameroon0.80[none]CEMAC Regulation 4/2001 Community Highway Code
Canada[varies by province]Federal criminal offense at BAC 0.80

BAC 0.00 for novice drivers and drivers under 21 years in every province and territory except Nunavut

Province/Territory legal BAC limits:

0.40 in Saskatchewan

0.50 in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Prince Edward Island

0.60 in Nunavut

0.80 in Quebec and Yukon Territory.
Criminal Code R.S.C. 1985 c.C-46 Sec 253
Central African Republic0.80[none]CEMAC Regulation 4/2001 Community Highway Code
Chad0.80[none]CEMAC Regulation 4/2001 Community Highway Code
Chile0.30[none]BAC Definitions of serious offenses:

0.30-0.80: driving under the influence,

>0.80: driving drunk
Law 20795 Traffic Law Arts 110-111, 120
China0.20[none]BAC Definitions: 

0.20-0.80: driving while drinking alcohol, 

0.80 or above: driving while intoxicated
Traffic Safety Law 2011
Chinese Taipei0.500.25Criminal Code 2014 Art 89, 185-3
Colombia0.20[none]Penalties are graduated by BAC and recidivismLaw 769 of 2002 Art 152 as amended by Law 1696 of 2013
Comoros[none][none]Driving in a state of drunkenness is punishable, but not defined by a BAC or BrAC.Penal Code Art 229-5
Congo, Republic0.80[none]CEMAC Regulation 4/2001 Community Highway Code
Costa Rica0.500.25BAC 0.20 / BrAC 0.10 for professional or novice drivers (license issued within 3 years)

Penalties are graduated by BAC/BrAC and recidivism
Law 9078 of 2012 Transit on Public Roads and Road Safety Art 143, 254
Croatia0.53[the equivalent to BAC]BAC 0.00 for professional drivers and drivers under 24 years of ageRoad Traffic Safety Act, Art 199 as amended through 2015 
Cuba0.500.25BAC 0.00 for novice and commercial driversLaw 109 Highway Safety Code Art 93 and Ministry of Public Health Resolution 28/2011
Cyprus0.500.22BAC 0.20 / BrAC 0.09 for novice drivers (on learner’s permit or holding a license for less than 3 years) and commercial drivers Law 174/1986 on Road Safety Part II
Czechia0.210.11Law on Road Traffic 2000 and Act no.379/2005 Coll. as amended by Act no.274/2008 Coll. Sec 16
Democratic Republic of the Congo1.00[none]Roads Code 1978 Art 104.1
Denmark0.500.25Penalties are graduated by BAC, recidivism, and aggravating circumstancesLaw 1386 Road Traffic Act 2013 Art 53-54
Dominica0.80[none]Vehicles and Road Traffic Act Art 56-61, 64
Dominican Republic0.500.25BAC and BrAC 0.00 for professional drivers; BAC 0.2 and BrAC 0.1 for motorcycle driversLaw 63-17 Land Transport, Transit and Road Safety 2017 Art 25B
Ecuador0.30[none]BAC 0.10 for professional drivers.

Penalties are graduated by BAC and recidivism.
Land Transportation Law amended by Law 415-S 2011
El Salvador1.00[none]BAC Definitions:

0.50-0.99: pre-inebriated,

1.00 or above: inebriated.
General Regulation of Traffic and Road Safety Art 171, 251
Equatorial Guinea0.80[none]CEMAC Regulation 4/2001 Community Highway Code
Eritrea0.50BAC 0.30 for comercial driversThe Road Traffic Proclamation No154 2006 Art 5 Sec 3
Estonia0.200.10Traffic Law 2000 Art 20 
Ethiopia[none][none]It is provided that "no person shall drive a vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating drugs or drink" but no specific BAC or BrAC limit is established.Transportation Amendment Regulations 1963 Sec 5
Fiji0.80[none]BAC 0.00 for professional drivers and for drivers on learner's permitLand Transport Act 1998 Art 103, 105
Finland0.500.22Penal Code Secs 3-4
France0.500.25BAC 0.20 / BrAC 0.10 for drivers on a learner's permit, public transport drivers, drivers whose license is on probationCode of Roads, Art R234-1
Gabon0.80[none]CEMAC Regulation 4/2001 Community Highway Code
Gambia[none][none]Motor Traffic Act, Cap 70:03
Georgia0.30[none]Administrative Code Art 116.10
Germany0.500.25BAC/BrAC 0.00 for novice drivers (on learner's permit or below 21 years old) and for commercial/professional driversRoad Traffic Act 2003, Art 24a 
Ghana0.800.35Highway Code Rule 95 based on Road Traffic Act 1988 Sec 4-5, 11.2 
Greece0.500.25BAC 0.20 / BrAC 0.10 for novice and commercial drivers and for drivers of motorcycles and mopedsRoad Traffic Code as amended through 2012 
Grenada[none][none]Drink driving is a punishable offence, but no BAC or BrAC limits are defined.Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act Art 48, Road Traffic Act Art 62
Guatemala[none][none]Drink driving is a punishable offence, but no BAC or BrAC limits are defined.Penal Code Art 157 and Transit Regulation (273-98) Art 175-177
Guinea Bisseau[none][none][n/a]
Guyana0.800.35The Evidence and Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act 2008
Haiti[none][none]Drink driving is a punishable offence, but no BAC or BrAC limits are defined.Roads Code 2006 Art 44
Honduras[none][none]Driving after consumption of intoxicating beverages is a serious offense, but no BAC or BrAC is specified.Road Traffic Law 2005 Art 98 Sec 16, Decree 155 of 2015 Law on Land Transportation
Hungary[none][none]A "zero tolerance" policy is in place.

BAC >0.50 incurs criminal sanctions
Road Traffic Law 1988 I.20.1.k, Decree 1/1975.II.5 Rules of the road, Criminal Code Sec 236, 240
Iceland0.500.25Penalties are graduated by BAC / BrAC and recidivism status.Regulation 328/2009, Traffic Act 50/1987 Art 45
India0.30[none]The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 Sec 185
Ireland 0.50[none]BAC 0.20 for drivers aged 18-25 and professional driversRoad Traffic Act 2011
Israel0.500.24BAC 0.10 and BrAC 0.05 for drivers under 24 years of age, commercial driversMinistry of Transport and Road Safety, Alcohol and Driving webpage
Italy0.50[none]BAC 0.00 for commercial and young (aged under 21) driversLaw 120/2010 Provisions of road safety, Law 285/1992 Art 186
Jamaica0.800.35Road Traffic Act Arts 34A, 34G
Japan0.300.15National Police Agency Traffic Rules in English translation
Kazakhstan0.30[none]Road Traffic Law 2014 Art 54 [tbc]
Kenya0.800.35Cap 403 Traffic Act and Traffic (Breathalyzer) Rules 2011 Art 2-3
Kiribati0.80[none]Traffic Act 2002 Sec 40, Traffic Amendment Act 2005 Sec 20-21
Korea, Republic of 0.30[none]Road Traffic Act 1961 Art 44 as amended through 2018
Kuwait[none][none]Driving under the influence of alcohol is an arrestable offense, but no BAC or BrAC limits are definedLaw N.52 2001 Art 44.6
Laos0.800.24BAC/BrAC 0.00 for professional driversLaw on Road Traffic 2013 Art 20
Latvia0.50[none]BAC 0.20 for novice (within two years of obtaining a license) drivers Road Traffic Law Sec 28
Lebanon0.50[none]BAC 0.00 for drivers of buses and public transportation and for novice drivers (within three years of obtaining a license)Road Traffic Law N. 243/2015 Art 17
Lesotho0.80[indication exceeding 100 mg per 100 ml in blood]The Road Traffic Act 1981 Section 92
Liberia0.53[none]Vehicle and Traffic Law 1972
Liechtenstein0.80[none]Road Traffic Regulations 1978 Art 2 as amended through 2007
Lithuania0.40[none]BAC 0.0 for novice (within the first two years of obtaining a license) and commercial driversRoad Traffic Safety Law, Road Traffic Regulations and Code of Administrative Violations Art 420
Luxembourg0.50[none]BAC 0.20 for novice and professional driversHighway Code as amended through 2015
Macedonia0.53[none]BAC 0.11 for drivers under 21 years of age and commercial driversConsolidated Law on Road Safety Art 234
Madagascar[none][none]Driving in a state of intoxication or while under teh influence of alcohol is punishable by fine, but no BAC/BrAC limits are defined.Roads Code 2014 Art L3.3-4, L7.1-1
Malawi0.800.38Chapter 69:01 Road Traffic Act Art 128
Malaysia0.800.35Road Traffic Act 1987 Sec 45G
Mali[none][none]Driving under the influence of alcohol is an offense, but no BAC/BrAC limits are defined.Penal Code 2001 Art 319, Roads Code Art 8
Malta0.500.22Traffic Regulation Ordinance Art 15
Marshall Islands1.06[the equivalent to BAC]Motor Vehicles Code Title 13 Chapter 3
Mauritius0.500.23Road Traffic Act Art 123
Mexico[varies by state] 0.4 mg/mL in Sonora

0.5 mg/mL in Jalisco, Morelos and San Luis Potosí

0.8 mg/mL in Aguascalientes, Guanajato, Distrito Federal, Estado de México, Hidalgo, Michoacán, Nuevo León, Oaxaca, Tamaulipas, Veracruz and Yucatán

1.0 mg/mL in Chihuahua and Tabasco

[none] or [varies at local level] in Hidalgo, Baja California Sur
Aguascalientes Highway Code 2016 Art 145 bis;

Chihuahua Road Traffic Law 2006 Art 49;

Distrito Federal Transportation Regulations 2015 Art 50;

Estado de México Road Traffic Regulations 1992 Art 106Bis;

Guanajuato Traffic and Road Traffic Law 1993 Art 137;

Hidalgo Transportation Regulations 2014 Art 81;

Jalisco Movement and Transportation Regulations 2013 Art 72;

Michoacán Traffic and Roads Act 2007 Art 96;

Morelos Traffic Law 1989 Art 9Bis;

Nuevo León Unified Transit Regulations 2017 Art 4;

Oaxaca Law on Transit, Mobility and Roads Art 3;

San Luis PotosíTraffic Law 2011 Art 6;

Sonora Traffic Law Art 81;

Tabasco Road Traffic Law 2007 Art 4;

TamaulipasTraffic Law 2010 Art 19Ter;

Veracruz Law on Transit and Road Safety Art 73;

Yucatán Traffic Law 2011 Art 328
Moldova0.300.15Penalties are graduated by BAC / BRAC.Penal Code Arts 134, 264
Monaco0.500.25Law 1320/2006 Penal Code Art 419
Mongolia0.500.20Joint Resolution A/138,A/131 of 2016 Rules for verifying driving under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances
Montenegro0.30[none]BAC 0.0 for young and novice driversLaw on Road Traffic Safety 2012 amended 2014 Art 182
Montserrat[none][none]Road Traffic Act 2008 Art 47
Morocco0.200.10Law 5205 Highway Code 2010 Art 183 and Decree 210419 Art 60
Mozambique0.600.30BAC and BrAC 0.00 for public transport and dangerous cargo driversRoad Traffic Act 2011 Art 80
Namibia0.790.38Road Traffic and Transport Act 1999 Art 82
Nauru0.50[none]Motor Traffic Act 2014 Sec 69-70, 81
Nepal[none][none]Motor Vehicles and Transport Management Act 1993 Art 142
Netherlands0.500.22BAC 0.20 / BrAC 0.088 for novice drivers (in the first 5 years since obtaining a license) and drivers of mopeds first issued a license when under 18 years old in the first 7 years since obtaining a licenseRoad Traffic Act 1994 Art 8
New Zealand0.500.25BAC / BrAC 0.00 for young drivers aged under 20 yearsLand Transport Act 1998 Sec 11 as amended through 2015
Nicaragua0.50[none]Law 856 of 2014 Reforms to Law 431 Vehicle Circulation and Traffic Offenses Arts 24, 26-27
Niger [none][none][n/a]
Nigeria0.50Act 22/2007 Federal Road Safety Commission (Establishment) Act Article 22
Niue0.800.04Transport Act 1965 Sec 45AA as amended through 2006
Norway0.200.10Penalties are graduated by BACRoad Traffic Act Art 22
Oman0.80Traffic Law 2005 Sec 3 Art 134
Pakistan [none][none][n/a]
Panama0.500.25Penalties are graduated by BAC / BrACRegulation of Road Traffic Safety Executive Decree 640 of 27 December 2006 Art 141
Papua New Guinea[none][none]Road Traffic Act 2013 Sec 42
Paraguay0.000.00Penalties are graduated by BAC / BrACLaw 5016/2014 Transport and Road Safety Law Arts 66, 111-113, 153
Peru0.50[none]BAC 0.25 for drivers of commercial, passenger and cargo vehiclesSupreme Decree 003/2014 and Penal Code Article 274
Philippines0.50[none]BAC 0.00 for professional driversRepublic Act 10586 Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013 Sec 3(g)
Poland0.200.1Criminal Code Art 42 Sec 2

Act on Upbringing in Sobriety and Counteracting Alcoholism 1982 Art 46
Portugal0.50[none]BAC 0.20 for commercial drivers and novice drivers (in the 3 years since first obtaining a license)Law 72/2013 Art 81
Highway Code Art 81
Qatar[none][none]Traffic Law N. 19/2007 Chapter IV Art 57
Romania[none][none]A "zero tolerance" policy is in place.

BrAC of 0.40 or higher requires undergoing laboratory BAC testing

BAC >0.80 incurs criminal sanctions
GEO 195/2002 Highway Code Art 88 and Decision 1391-2006 on GEO 195/2002

Law 286/2009 Penal Code Art 336
Russia0.300.16Code of Administrative Offenses Art 27.12 and Decree No. 475-2008
Rwanda0.80[none]Road Traffic Act 2010 Sec 3 
Saint Christopher and Nevis0.80[none]Vehicle and Road Traffic Act Art 41-47
Saint Lucia0.800.35Law 10 of 2003 Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act Sec 75, 106
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines[none][none]Driving “under the influence of drink or drug to such an extent as to be incapable of having proper control of the vehicle” is an offense, but no BAC/BrAC limits are defined.Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act Art 47 
Samoa0.800.40Road Traffic Ordinance 1960 as amended through 2015 Art 40
Sao Tome and Principe[none][none][n/a]
Saudi Arabia[none][none][n/a]
Senegal[none][none]Decree 2004-13 setting the rules for application of Law 2002-30 Roads Code (Regulations) Arts 111-112
Law 2002-30 Roads Code Art 6
Serbia0.30[none]BAC 0.00 for commercial drivers, motorcycle drivers, novice drivers (aged 17-18 years on probationary license)Law on Road Traffic Safety 2010 Art 187
Seychelles0.80[none]Cap 206 Road Transport Act
Sierra Leone0.800.35Road Traffic Act 2007 Art 102, 108
Singapore0.800.35Road Traffic Act Sec 67-71C
Slovakia[none][none]A "zero tolerance" policy is in placeLaw N.8/2009 Road Traffic Art 1 Part I Sec 4.B
Slovenia0.530.24BAC 0.00 for novice and professional driversLaw on Road Traffic Rules 2013 Art 104-105
Solomon Islands0.50[none]Police and Transport Legislation Amendment Alcohol Testing Act 2016
Somalia[none][none]Traffic Code 2013 Art 66.2d
South Africa0.500.24BAC 0.20 / BrAC 0.10 for professional driversNational Road Traffic Act Sec 65
Spain0.500.25BAC 0.30 / BrAC 0.15 for commercial and novice drivers (in the first two years since obtaining a license)Royal Legislative Decree 6/2015 of October 30 Art 14
Suriname0.500.22Act 1971 Art 33
Swaziland0.500.38BAC 0.20 for professional and commercial driversRoad Traffic Act No.6 of 2007 Sec 91(1) 
Sweden0.200.10Act 649 Code of Statutes Sec 4
Switzerland0.50[none]BAC 0.10  for professional drivers and novice drivers (those driving on a learner's permit)

From 2016, breath alcohol tests replace blood alcohol tests.
Federal Law on Road Traffic and Regulations as amended through July 2015

See Swiss Confederation and Cantons’ Service overview (January 2018)
Tajikistan[none][none]Driving while intoxicated is an offense, but no BAC is specified.Road Traffic Law Art 31, Procedural Code of Administrative Offences Art 71, 73
Tanzania0.80[none]BAC 0.00 for professional driversHighway Code 2008
Thailand0.50[none]BAC 0.00 for professional drivers

BAC 0.20 for drivers younger than 20 and those on temporary license
Land Traffic Act 1979 Sec 43, and Regulations 2537 and 21
Timor L'Este0.500.22Highway Code Sec 75
Tonga0.300.15Traffic Amendment Act 2010 Sec 6
Trinidad and Tobago0.800.35Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act 2007 Art 70
Tunisia0.30[none]BAC 0.00 for professional drivers and drivers in trainingDecree 2016-292
Turkey0.50[none]BAC 0.20 for commercial driversLaw 2918 on Road Traffic Art 48
Turkmenistan[none][none]Code of Administrative Offences Art 254
Tuvalu0.80[none]Traffic Act 1952 Sec 23A as amended through 2008
Uganda0.800.35BAC / BrAC 0.00 for commercial and professional driversTraffic and Road Safety (Prescribed Alcohol Limits) Regulations 2004
Ukraine0.20[none]Road Traffic Law 1993, Joint Ministerial Decree No.1452/735 of 09.11.2015
United Arab Emirates[none][none]Drink-driving is prohibited, but no BAC/BrAC limits are defined.Federal Law N. 21/1995 Art 10.6
United Kingdom[varies by country]BAC 0.80 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 0.50 in Scotland United Kingdom Road Safety Act 2006

Road Traffic (Northern Ireland) Order (1995); upon commencement of Road Traffic (Amendment) Act (Northern Ireland) 2016, the BAC will decrease to 0.50

Scotland Road Traffic Act (Prescribed Limit) Regulations 2014
United States[varies by state][none]BAC 0.50 in Utah, 0.80 elsewhere

BAC 0.20 or lower for drivers under 21 years of age

BAC 0.40 for holders of a commercial driver's license [Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)]
23 U.S.C. § 161 and § 163

Legislation varies by jurisdiction: see the Alcohol Policy Information System (APIS) for more details
Uruguay0.00[none]Law 18.191 as amended through 2015
Uzbekistan[none][none]Driving in a state of intoxication or under the influence of alcohol is an offence, but no BAC/BrAC limits are defined.Council of Ministers Decree on Approval of Road Traffic Rules 2015 Art 12, Code of Administrative Offences Art 131
Vanuatu[none][none]Drink-driving is prohibited,but no BAC/BrAC limits are defined.Road Traffic Act Cap 29 Art 16
Venezuela0.80[none]Regulation of the Land transport law 2 July 1998 Art 152
Vietnam0.000.00BAC 0.50 / BrAC 0.25 for motorcycle driversLaw 23/2008 on Road Traffic and Decree 71/2012 Art 8-9
Zambia[none][none]The Roads and Road Traffic Act 2002 Art 197-199
Zimbabwe0.80[none]Chapter 13:11 Road Traffic Act Art 54-55
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