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Practical Guidelines for Assessing the Effects of Drink Driving Interventions

This toolkit was commissioned by IARD and written by the SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research in the Netherlands. The toolkit provides general guidelines, dos and don’ts, and advice and considerations for performing evaluation studies. The guidelines target road safety professionals in low- and middle-income countries who do not have a scientific or statistical background. The main aim is to give the audience a taste of evaluation research, allowing them, for example, to make decisions about the set-up of a study, and to understand the scope and limitations of study results.

event 10/24/16
school-based education

Alcohol Education Guide

The Alcohol Education Guide was developed in order to facilitate a structured and comprehensive approach to alcohol education. It walks users through the progress of program development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

event 06/13/16
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Policy Planning and Choice Guide to Feasible Interventions

This Guide to Feasible Interventions examines a range of different measures aimed at reducing the potential harm associated with drinking. It provides an overview both of population-level approaches and targeted interventions, weighing their relative strengths and weaknesses in various areas.

event 01/31/16
TK-Evaluating Prevention Programs

A Guide to Evaluating Prevention Programs

The Evaluation Guide provides an overview of what is involved in evaluating a prevention program, laying out the necessary steps, and identifying available options.

event 01/27/16

Working Together

The purpose of this toolkit is to encourage and facilitate cooperation with a wide array of stakeholders in pursuit of a common goal to reduce harmful drinking. While the Toolkit is primarily intended for industry members, it is also a generic tool that can be applied in any number of circumstances by any group looking to forge alliances and partnerships.

event 01/26/16
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Toolkit for Assessing the Unrecorded Alcohol Market

The alcohol market can be divided into two main segments―recorded and unrecorded. Both segments are well established in many parts of the world and respond to social, cultural, economic, and political change. They also play a role in a range of key social and health issues.

This Toolkit has Three Key Aims:

1. to serve as a resource for those interested in gaining a better understanding of the issue of unrecorded alcohol;
2. to provide a menu of approaches that can be used to investigate the unrecorded alcohol market, depending on the research question, context, and existing data and resources available; and
3. to provide a road map for achieving, to the greatest extent possible, consistency and uniformity across studies so that results can be compared in a sound manner.

event 01/25/16
TK-Trainer’s Guide

Responsible Service of Alcohol: A Trainer’s Guide

This guide aims to take you through all the key steps in planning, designing, delivering and marketing courses for the hospitality and retail trades. It will ask lots of questions and give you options. You have to decide what is most appropriate for the particular groups you are going to train.

event 01/20/16
TK-Server's Guide

Responsible Service of Alcohol: A Server’s Guide

The aim of this guide is to cover the basic laws and responsibilities required of staff serving alcohol. This may be in an on-license environment, where the alcohol is sold and the customer drinks it in the place where it was bought, or an off-license one, where the alcohol is sold and the customer takes it away to drink elsewhere.

event 01/20/16

International Guide to Developing a Self-Regulatory Organisation

The European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA), in collaboration with IARD, the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), and the International Advertising Association (IAA), has developed a hands-on International Guide to Developing a Self-Regulatory Organisation. This publication offers practical advice and guidance to those who are considering setting up a self-regulatory system or improving one that already exists.

event 01/13/16
TK-Drink Drive-12

Drink Drive Training Program Workbook

As a part of the Global Actions on Harmful Drinking Drink Driving Initiative, IARD undertook a program of action guided by the Good Practice Manual (GPM) on Drinking and Driving, which was developed under the auspices of the UN Road Safety Collaboration by the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP). IARD has developed a training workbook to apply the GPM in an effort to build capacity of road safety practitioners at the local level.

event 01/13/16
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