Toolkits and Guides

Regional Perspectives on Preventing Alcohol-Related Road Crashes Involving Vulnerable Road Users

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and IARD worked together to produce this e-book as a key outcome of an international symposium, which was the opening event of the UN Global Road Safety Week in Geneva on 6-12 May, 2013.

event 01/03/16

Global Actions Drink Driving Situation Assessment Guidelines

A Situation Assessment of drink driving in a country, state, or city is a vital first step in the process of embarking on a program to prevent crashes involving drink driving. The Situation Assessment should provide the foundation for preparing a prioritized suite of projects designed to launch an effective, strategic approach to address drink driving.

event 01/02/16

GRSP Road Safety Manual

The Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) has produced, as part of the UN Collaboration on Road Safety, an international good-practice manual that provides advice to road safety practitioners. It follows on from the recommendations made in the April 2004 World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention (issued jointly by the World Health Organization and the World Bank). The GRSP manual focuses on practical ways to develop and implement coordinated and integrated programs to reduce drinking and driving within a country. ICAP is a founding member of the GRSP.

event 01/01/16

Human Total: A Violence Prevention Resource

Learners, educators, and parents who experience Human Total: A Violence Prevention Learning Resource examine the discriminatory attitudes and behavioral patterns that encourage many men and boys to be violent and reckless; they develop skills and strategies to reduce the resulting harm as well as prevent its perpetuation.

Also available in Spanish

event 07/11/13