IARD response to study in Nature Medicine

Responding to a study in Nature Medicine looking at alcohol consumption and risk of diseases in Chinese men, the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking's Managing Director, Puja Darbari, said: 

“The main analysis of the study has a significant limitation as it does not differentiate between light or moderate drinking and heavy drinkers and doesn’t include a comparison with abstainers. The average consumption of those studied was 280g a week, which is more than double the U.K. guidelines and double the guidelines for men in the U.S.

“In further analyses, the author’s own findings support the hundreds of peer-reviewed studies since the 1970s reporting that light and moderate drinkers tend to live at least as long as non-drinkers, and generally live longer than those who drink heavily. For most adults, any risk posed by the moderate consumption of alcohol is low; everyone should avoid drinking to excess, and for some people the better choice may be not to drink at all.

“Anyone with questions about their drinking should speak to their healthcare professionals to better understand the impact of drinking on their individual health.”